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Selection of current systems:

  • Fluidas Fluidmanagement (barcode based management of cooling lubricants, hydraulic oild, filters, storing etc. in the industrial services)
  • LIMS LIVE (laboratory information and management systems with connections of measuring systems with an international connection via a webfrontend)
  • RELA tire storage software (barcode based system a fast and secure wheelstorage)
  • tanker route planning (planning and optimization of routes, capacity utilization of single tanks, cleaning optimization, refilling)
  • complaint and returns database (documenting and keeping track of complaints including error statistics)
  • dispatch solution in facility management (acceptance and distribution of error and maintenance procedures in building management)
  • shopping pattern management in chemical industry (management-, evaluation- and approval system for commodity pattern)
  • avoidance-empties logistics of a discount
  • production planning and monitoring in pipe manufacturing
  • controlling of maintenance orders and error messages, as well as their response with mobile barcode terminals into external systems (SAP)
  • management program for scheduling and billing of work groups in the field of scaffolding 
  • janitorial service planning of janitorial service and cleaning work.  Creation of weekly, annual and winter service plans



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Level: Authorized
Level/Type: Advanced Data Capture Authorized, Mobile Computing Authorized
Products: Bar Code Scanning, Mobile Computers