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LIMS Laborinformationssystem Intro

LIMS Live - laboratory information system

The laboratory information system (LIMS Live) is a system for creating and documenting industrial laboratory analysis. The system manages every production step beginning with the sampling, to the appointment of measurement stations, to the distribution of laboratory reports.

It ensures efficient processes specifically for laboratories with a high sample flow. The main focus is the recording of measured results for given parameters and test methods.

Comfort features like a quick access to existing reports and templates simplify the individual process steps.

Short-term decisions are therefore based on solid facts and figures. Recommendations can be considered early. Continuous monitoring of specific installation and parameters are assisted by traffic light labelling. Input options, such as measuring station frontends with a calculation function for a fast result value determination are included, as well as a standard interface that automatically imports measured data and allocates samples.

Your lab technicians can concentrate on the expertise of their company!

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